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April 2004

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Well It's a light issue this month, but hey what do you want for free... oh every thing, us too... But regardless of this issue being light it's still good I swear... Gigi wrote an article comparing the passion to dawn of the dead, and I'm sure the zombies came out on top. But you'll have to read her article to find out for sure.

And now an editor tirade, some thing that hasn't popped up since I took over for Stan. So here we go, I'm getting tired of all the Jesus sympathy that Mel's little move has stirred up in this country and all the civil rights violations that are being carried out in his name. Off the top of my head the whole gay marriage thing, why does it matter really? I've talked to several married people, and none of them believe that their club is so excusive that they shouldn't allow gay peeps. What is next, separate drinking fountains for gay people?

And on of similar but different note, I was watching C-SPAN the other day. Why? You ask, well I'll tell ya' I was flippin through the channels as perusal of any modern stud. Some lady was talking, and next to or under her name, I forget, it said "Godless Americans" and I was like all-right I'll hear her talk about how all the godless americans are ruining this country and I'll make fun of her and yell at the TV then change the channel. This would be at least 10 to 15 min of entertainment before the Simpsons come on. But she wasn't talking about how the godless americans were ruining the country, just the opposite in fact. They were PRO-Godless Americans, and they were on the C-SPAN to talk about the the PAC that they were forming, and make a political voting group of "Atheists, Humanists and Freethinkers" that would be at least as powerful as the Religious Right. But would be pro-civil rights instead of against. And I thought that was pretty cool, even if I choose not to vote because I believe that the political system is completely flawed, but that is a rant for another time. But these people might change my mind. They were so interesting in fact that I missed the Simpsons completely but any way if you would like to know more about them check out their web site at. Some of the things you'll find out about on the web site are astonishing, like the fact that the president is trying to give taxpayer money to religious organizations. Doing the exact opposite of what the first Amendment was written for, I'm sure if James Madison were around today to see what they have done to his bill of rights he'd go Oswald, on the President. Oh ya before I forget sent all hate mail to not that I think I'll get allot but you know those jesus freaks, they have nothing better to do than send hate mail, stand in front of abortion clinics, and molest children...


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